Some of our more popular questions refer to serving sizes and who can/should take Sisel’s supplements. We even have people asking about infants, pets, poultry, and livestock.

The quick answer is to check with your physician or vet. Our consumable products are formulated with the average-sized adult in mind, 18 years of age or older. At this age, our bodies have generally stopped growing and nutrient requirements are more regular.

While Sisel’s products contain safe, healthy ingredients, this doesn’t mean we can use them excessively. Take water, for example.  All living things need water to survive. However, the amount needed for an infant vs. a 50-year-old man vs. a 30-year-old woman varies drastically. Too little or too much water can be unhealthy, even though it’s a vital part of life.

Infants, children, and even teenagers all grow at different rates. Animals, including pets, often have entirely different physiology than humans. Accurately suggesting correct serving sizes is difficult and requires professional medical input. Since Sisel does not test its products on children or animals, we cannot give advice regarding this topic, and encourage you to speak with your healthcare provider.